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1 on 1 personal training in a private, judgement-free zone. Whether your goal is to lose weight or gain muscle, we’ll achieve it together!

Are You Looking For In-Person, 1-on-1 Personal Training In Edmonton?

You’ve come to the right place! I am an Edmonton-based personal trainer, and I’ve been offering personal training services in Edmonton since 2016! I’ve helped 100’s of clients achieve their fitness goals ranging from:

  • Weight Loss
  • Gaining Muscle
  • Body Recomposition
  • Injury Rehab
  • Pre & Post Partum
  • Mobility & Flexibility Training

If you’re looking for a knowledgeable and qualified personal trainer in Edmonton, I’m your girl! I have numerous certifications including Canfit Pro Trainer, ACE Personal Training Specialist, Pain-Free Performance Specialist, Vegetarian Nutrition, Holistic Healing, Feminine Vitality Hormone Specialist, and Pre & Post Pregnancy Coaching.

No matter what your goals are, I’m here to help you achieve them! I will put you through challenging yet approachable workouts, and also provide you with the tools you need to achieve a balanced and sustainable level of overall wellness.

Don’t Live In Edmonton? Train Virtually!

Train 1-On-1 With Me From ANywhere In The World

If you want to take advantage of 1-on-1 personal training, but you don’t live in Edmonton, you’re in luck!

I offer personal training sessions via Zoom or Facetime, so you can be at home or even at the gym and I’ll be there with you virtually. I’ll walk you through your workout and check your form.

This is a great alternative to in-person training since it removes the barrier of distance. This way, I can help my clients whether they live in a different city, or just can’t make it to my gym for a session.

How It Works

personal trainer edmonton

Fill Out The Intake Form

After purchasing training with me, you’ll be sent a client intake form to your email. Give yourself about 30 minutes to complete it. It covers a vast range of information I need to make sure your training experience is 100% tailored to you!

personal training edmonton

Creating Your Workouts

Every person is unique, and so is every workout routine I design for each client. When you purchase training with me, you are going to be put through personalized workouts suited to your needs & abilities! If virtually training, I tailor the workout to the equipment you have on hand.

personal trainer edmonton

Achieving Your Goals

Then comes the fun part… Getting to work! I’ll guide you through the exercises best aligned to your body and your goals. I’ll check in with you each week to keep updated on how your nutrition and lifestyle have been going, and help keep you accountable. I can guarantee you’re going to enjoy your training experience with me!

Client Results

Purchase Session Packages

If you’re ready to start personal training in Edmonton, then choose one of the packages below! 

10 Session PackAGE

You get 10 one-hour personal training sessions in my private gym.



20 Session PackAGE

You get 20 one-hour personal training sessions in my private gym.



30 Session PackAGE

You get 30 one-hour personal training sessions in my private gym.



60 Session PackAGE

You get 60 one-hour personal training sessions in my private gym.



Looking For A more in-depth coaching experience?

If you’re looking for support with more than just your fitness, Life Coaching might be right for you. 

Check out my 12-Week Total Transformation program. It is a private and 100% personalized coaching experience designed for life-changing results. Not only do we work on fitness, but also nutrition, relationships, career goals, stress reduction, spirituality and more. 


If you have other requests, such as partner training or small group training please reach out to me below. We can go over any questions you have and options available to you!