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You will receive a 100% personalized training program based on your body and unique goals. You can follow it at your own pace and check in with your coach whenever you need support!

Every Program Includes


Exercises for each workout day with a complete breakdown of the reps and sets. Written form cues + video demonstrations for each exercise.

Workout Log

You receive a workout log to record your personal bests + a measurement tracker so you can analyze your measurements and body fat along the way.


24 Hour Access

I’m here for you the whole way! You can call or text me at any time with questions or if you need support! We also do weekly email check-ins so you’re kept on track.

Floriane made me an excellent program to follow. In just 3 months with her guidance and meal plan I am down 24 lbs. Her dedication, support and encouragement are beyond expectations. I would highly recommend, if your looking to get your fitness going…. Floriane is a great choice to help you along your journey.

Dave L.

As a business professional, it is really important to me to have a trainer with good customer service and someone who cares for their clients. Floriane has exceeded my expectations! I am thrilled with her attention to detail and consistent support throughout my training program. She is full of knowledge and helpful tips! I highly recommend her!

Miranda W.

meet floriane

Your Online Personal Trainer

Whether your goal is to lose weight or build muscle, rehab an injury or postpartum train, I have a plan for you!

I have been a certified personal trainer since 2016, and in that time I’ve helped hundreds of clients achieve their fitness goals.

I believe it is crucial to develop a deep understanding of YOU. What your goals are, your current fitness level, and how you like to be motivated. I use all this information when curating your unique plan.

You, your body, and your goals are unique! Your training plan should be as well!

My ultimate philosophy is that your health matters more than aesthetics, and I can’t wait to help you become your best self!

How Online Fitness Works


You will be sent an intake form that helps me tailor a 100% unique training experience for you. I will develop the best possible plan based on your current fitness level and where you want to get to. I also take into account where you can implement the program. Whether you have access to a gym or need a plan for the equipment you have at home. I will ensure the plan is tailored to your needs, abilities, and equipment on hand.


After creating your plan, it’s time to get to work! Your training program will only be as successful as the work you put in. Follow it as much as you can and try not to miss any days! But don’t worry, if you find yourself needing a motivational push, or need some help at the gym I’m always here! You can call me or even FaceTime while training if you need any help!



Your goals and progress will look different from the people around you! All that matters is YOUR progress and YOUR health! Remember that there is NOT a one-size-fits-all approach to fitness and health. If you stick to your training program and stay on track at check-ins, I GUARANTEE you will see results and live the healthier life you deserve!



Purchase Online Training

1 Month Program

You get a 1-month program with zero edits.



3 month program

You get a 3-month program with up to 2 edits.



6 Month Program

The 6-month plan includes 2 full programs, with up to 3 edits



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