My Coaching Philosophy

My philosophy differs greatly from the mainstream ‘’fitness mentality’’ you may encounter. There is such an unhealthy idea out there that being lean & aesthetic is more important than being healthy when that simply isn’t the case!

Every BODY is so different and unique, and one approach cannot be the one size fits all to guarantee health.

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Embarking on your fitness journey should feel fun and exciting! It’s important for me to create workouts for my clients that they enjoy and could accomplish on their own with practice.

You should look forward to coming to your personal training session or going to the gym to complete your online program. I will certainly not treat you like I’m a drill sergeant!

My job as your coach is to make the process as fun as possible and to keep you on track throughout it all! I know what it feels like to be nervous about starting a fitness journey and I treat my clients how I would’ve wanted to be treated when starting off – with respect, empathy, and kindness!

What I Preach


Honor your body

Your body does so much for you and it does not need to be punished with extreme workouts or extreme diets/restrictions.

The key to living a balanced lifestyle is to incorporate all aspects of wellness into your routine, and make it sustainable so that you can do it forever!


Comparison is the thief of joy

Having a goal to work towards is one thing, but comparing yourself to fitness influencers or wishing you could have someone else’s build or body is not ideal.

Everyone has their own unique story, genetics, metabolic profile, and goals! It’s impossible to try and look like somebody else. You are not them, you are YOU and YOU ARE PERFECT!


Real results take time

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will a complete overhaul of your lifestyle habits! Building habits that are sustainable over the long-term take time to implement and get used to, so there is no rush!

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