My Story

Where It Started

I grew up overweight, I was the kid that was always picked last in gym class, I hated sports, and would rather hide inside at recess reading a book.

Then around the age of 15, I went on a family road trip to the States and that’s where my story starts. One of the stops on our trip was at the Grand Canyon and let me tell you that changed everything! We decided to go hiking down the canyon, and the entire hike was hell for me. Sweating, thighs chafing, feet throbbing, I felt HORRIBLE. When we got back to the top, my Dad had the great idea to take a photo. But this photo, on top of the way the hike made me feel, changed everything about my life. I looked at the photo when we got back home from the trip and it was the first time I truly realized I was unhealthy. That was the day the light switch went off, and I knew I needed to lose weight.

Fast forward 2 years and 65lbs down, my life was totally different! I had a new sense of self, a new sense of confidence, and a totally different body.

At this point, I was just living my life with no real direction and had no desire or thought of becoming a trainer. I was going to college for Baking and Pastry Arts, as I wanted to be a baker! But that career never gave me that spark and I knew it wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life. I needed to do some soul searching, so I took a year off to travel and figure my next steps out.

I ended up going on a solo trip to Thailand for 6 weeks, backpacking the country. My intent for this trip was to find my purpose in life and come back with a plan of action.

Well, week 5 rolled around and I was no closer to figuring it out. I was getting a bit worried but thought maybe something would come together in the last week.

I think the universe heard my prayers because on one of the last days of my trip I got terribly ill. What a weird answer right?! Afterwards I slept for 28 hrs straight. When I finally woke up, the very first words in my mind were ‘’YOU NEED TO BECOME A TRAINER’’. I couldn’t shake that voice.

Keep in mind, I had NEVER even considered it as a career path, but this voice in my head was so clear and so powerful I had to see where it would lead me. When I returned to Canada, I applied to my local gym to get my foot in the door. From there I got my first training certification and began taking clients. To be completely honest I didn’t really know what I was doing yet, but I knew I wanted to help people.

Where I’m At Now

Fast forward to 6 years later. I’ve acquired more certifications and gained tons of experience working in gyms and training 100’s of satisfied clients in both Canada & Australia! I can confidently say I’ve helped so many people reach their fitness goals. My most recent job before going off on my own was working as the Wellness Director of a private gym. I got to meet so many wonderful people, and try my hand at using a holistic approach to fitness. That is when it struck me – I should be helping people not only with their fitness goals but also looking at all the other factors that play a role in overall wellness. Sleep, stress, mental health, relationships and nutrition. Since then, that has been the approach I’ve been taking when it comes to my clients, making sure their lifestyle is balanced and aligned with their fitness goals!

Due to the pandemic and the uncertainty it brought, I built a private home gym in my garage, and have been working from home ever since. My clients love coming to a clean, private 1 on 1 space, where they can choose the music, wear whatever they want, and don’t have to pay any membership fees!

The Future

The response to focusing on holistic wellness has been overwhelmingly positive, and this has inspired me to expand my services into not only fitness coaching, but life coaching as well! I am currently on the hunt for the perfect life coaching program for me to learn from so that I can add it to my list of services. This is part of my 1-year plan to obtain a life coaching certificate and begin helping people in that capacity.

In addition, I am really putting a focus on turning this website into a great resource you can come back to. Every week I am working on new articles, YouTube videos, and maybe even venturing into podcasting. I want to bring as much valuable information to you as I can when it comes to holistic wellness.

I one day want to open my own gym as well! I want to create a body-positive space where men and women alike are able to pursue all their goals, whatever they are. I believe there is a lack of a holistic fitness facility in my city and I am eager to bring my vision to life!

My Training Philosophy

My Philosophy

My philosophy differs greatly from the mainstream ‘’fitness mentality’’ you may encounter. There is such an unhealthy ideal out there that being lean & aesthetic is more important than being healthy when that simply isn’t the case! Every BODY is so different and unique, and one approach cannot be the one size fits all to guarantee health.

Honor Your Body

Your body does so much for you, and it does not need to be punished with extreme workouts or dieting/restricting. The key to living a balanced lifestyle is to incorporate all aspects of wellness into your routine, and make it sustainable so you can do it forever! This is where quick fixes and diet teas fall waaaaay short. Your body has done so much to keep you alive until this point, and it’s you need take care of it in return!

Comparison Is The Thief of Joy

Although it is completely fine to have a goal and something to work towards, it is not ideal to compare yourself to Instagram influencers and wish to have someone else’s build or body. Everyone has their own unique story, genetics, metabolic profile, life circumstances and goals, and it is impossible to try and look like somebody else! You are not them, you are YOU! So focus on being the best version of your beautiful self that you can be, without comparing yourself to others.

Real Results Take Time

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will a complete overhaul of your lifestyle habits! Building habits that are sustainable long-term take time to implement and get used to, so there is no rush!

Enjoy The Process

Embarking on your fitness journey should feel fun and exciting! It’s important for me to create workouts for my clients that they enjoy and could accomplish on their own with practice. You should look forward to coming to your personal training session or going into the gym to complete your online program. I will certainly not treat you like I’m a drill sergeant. My job as your coach is to make the process as fun as possible and to keep you on track throughout it all! I know what it feels like to be nervous about starting a fitness journey and I treat my clients how I would’ve wanted to be treated when starting off – with respect, empathy and kindness!