Get Ready to Shine: Plan Your Wedding Workout Journey!

Hello there! I'm Floriane, a holistic fitness coach and soon-to-be bride in November 2023. It's my pleasure to share my pre-wedding transformation journey with you in this article. Over the span of six months, I managed to lose 25 pounds and achieve the toned, defined...

How I Reduced My Stress Levels

I recently released my story of how I fixed my gut health, where I focused heavily on reducing stress as a very important factor. After receiving responses asking how I did this, I’ve decided to follow up here with my journey to reducing my stress. As I went through...

How I Fixed My Gut Health & Reducd Bloating

I recently posted a video of my stomach after having eaten a really large meal captioned with “Never in my life did i think I could eat such a huge meal, and then not be bloated after.”  I used to get bloated at the tiniest amount of food and I struggled with bad gut...
How to Count Macros for Weight Loss

How to Count Macros for Weight Loss

Many people who are trying to lose weight or pursue other fitness goals feel limited by conventional diets and calorie counting. Rising in popularity is the macro diet, or counting macros, which involves tracking the types of food you eat as well as total...

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Signs You’re Not Eating Enough

Signs You’re Not Eating Enough

Under-eating may seem like a surprising topic to cover, but I would say more often than not, especially with my female clients, under-eating is a HUGE issue when it comes to achieving optimal health. Diet culture has been so deeply ingrained in our psyches (and for...

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